If you are an U.S. Accredited Investor or a Non-US Person, you are qualified to invest in this offering. If you meet ANY of these requirements below you are an accredited investor:

An investment in Big Screen Entertainment entails risk, including the risk that you could lose some or all your investment. To learn more about this investment opportunity, feel free to contact BSEG by emailing:
Sandro@bigscreenent.com or

How to Invest

To proceed with the investment in our Reg D 506(c) offering, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you are an accredited investor (select an option):
    1. Please complete this online accreditation check questionnaire below through Colonial Stock Transfer, our transfer agent. 
      Please use this Offering ID: 727336.

    2. Have your attorney, CPA, or financial advisor complete and sign the accreditation letter by emailing them this link.  Once your representative completes this form, we will email you the investment password so you can invest.

  2. Once your accreditation status is verified, we will send you the confirmation code.

  3. Once you receive your confirmation code, please visit this page to invest.

Accreditation check questionnaire:

Please use this Offering ID: 727336.